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How to change store limits in Exchange
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Using ADSI Edit to change users' email database size limits in Exchange.

Exchange Active Directory will not let you increase the size of the limit beyond 2gig normally. In order to increase the size limits, you must use ADSI Edit to change the spec in AD.

On Exchange server open the shortcut to ADSI Edit that is on the desktop.

(Example is from Marsco Server Exchange)

Open the Domain[]
Open DC=chicago,DC=egpglass,DC=com
Open CN=Users

Find the user in question.
Right-click on the user and click on Properties.

Scroll down the list till you find the following entries.

mDBStorageQuota: (Issue warning at (KB) )
mDBOverQuotaLimit: (Prohibit Send at (KB))
mDBOverHardQuotaLimit: (Prohibit Send and Receive at (KB) )

Change the value to the new limit size. Remember the limit is in KB.
Exit out of ADSI Edit when complete.
Check status of changes in Active Directory Users and Computers (See special folder under Start > Program > Microsoft Exchange)
- Exchange General Tab, Storage Limits.

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